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  •   16/12/2021

          Fourteen years since the establishment of our Kindergarten in Kerameikos, 448 children have received pre-school education services and all the conditions for their proper physical and psycho-emotional development.

          Children who show intense neglect, in all areas of development, in our Kindergarten, spend hours of their day in an organized, safe and calm environment, with creative engagement.

          This year, as a continuation of our effort and in order to extend the stay of children in a structured educational environment, our Charity Association evolves its important work with another constructive step: Co-located with our Nursery, now operates the Kindergarten "OI FILOI TOY PEDIOU" (=THE FRIENDS OF THE CHILD), with official license from the Ministry of Education.

          Our main concern in both is to offer children, aged 2 and a half to 6 years,  educational supplies for all areas of their lives. In a well-equipped room, with all the appropriate furniture and training materials, these children spend hours of the day in conditions of acceptance and love, gaining a solid foundation.

          More specifically, our children are provided with pre-school education with two kindergarten teachers and a group of student internships, speech therapy  - evaluation and treatment at the Kindergarten - as well as sessions with a Special Educator (application of the Portage method).

          Also in the area is provided alimentation (breakfast, lunch and afternoon), medical care - a Developmental specialist conducts pediatric examination, while vaccination checks and vaccinations are performed, as well as dental examinations - personal hygiene and daily care, clothing (clothes and shoes), recreational activities (excursions, theater, cinema) and rest (lunch sleep in a specially designed area).

          Poverty has a decisive effect on shaping children's future prospects, depriving them of a set of opportunities, activities and goods, which are common to the majority of their peers. 

          Our goal is to break this vicious circle of poverty and give them the opportunity to claim a hopeful tomorrow.

          Our educational team, through a huge hug for children and parents, hopes to build healthy personalities for a different and better future, a future of optimism and dreams.

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We thank KARTERIA NGO for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

We thank the Tamer Foundation for the valuable financial support of the purposes of our Association, from its foundation until today.

We thank the Perianth Hotel for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

Many thanks to Tsimpos & Associates for the Preliminary Study and the Final Study for the issuance of the demolition permit and the construction permit for the New Building of Social Welfare & Creative Employment for Children and Adolescents of our Association. We also thank the partners: Spyros Tzivanakis - Civil Engineer, the company TEAS A.E. - Electromechanical Studies and Mr. Astara - Topographical Engineer.