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Online Tutoring Lessons Program


         Our Charity Association, in collaboration with the "Mrs. Niki" program of the Non-profit organization Zoodochos Pigi, decided to implement an "Online Tutoring Lessons" program for the poor children of the families we support.

         The aims of the program are to reduce school dropout, support children's school careers, fight inequality, claim a better future for all children, fight against youth and student unemployment and employ young people in their specialty.

         The "Online Tutoring Lessons" concerns all educational levels (Elementary - Junior High - High School) and all Subjects, in which children struggle to cope with and need support. The participating students are selected by the Social Worker of the Association and are children who:

  •  the "Friends of the Child" support 
  • live below the poverty line
  • do not have access to tutoring lessons
  • have difficulty performing at school and have learning disabilities
  • are in danger of leaving the education system early.

         The program is implemented by teachers and university students with a willingness to offer, with patience and special interest in students from vulnerable environments. They are selected and paid by the Non-profit organization Zoodochos Pigi.

         The courses are private and online. The reason that the means of remote aid was chosen is, initially, due to the pandemic and, secondly, in order for teachers from all over Greece to be able to participate in the program. Our goal is, with the end of the pandemic, the lessons to take place in the children's home, while teachers not living in Athens and students who choose online support, will be able to continue the lessons online. Computers and internet connection are provided wherever needed.

         The Non-profit organization Zoodochos Pigi monitors the work of teachers and supports them with specialized advisors, while the Charity Association "THE FRIENDS OF THE CHILD" monitors the progress of children in cooperation with the teachers and is in constant contact with them. Also, the Association monitors the school career of the children and communicates with the schools, in cases where it is deemed necessary.

         The working group includes:

  •  Ms. Chrysoula Diamantopoulou, Head of the Charitable Sector - Social Worker of our Charitable Association
  • The teachers
  • Mses. Katia Pesmazoglou & Eugenia Pournara from Zoodocho Pigi
  • Mses. Natalia Deligiorgi & Zoi Pantazatou, Consultants.

         The aim of the group is the acquaintance and cooperation of the members in order to implement the program as fruitfully as possible, briefing one another, the discussion about the difficulties that arise (practical, learning-wise or in relation to the family) and the ways of dealing with them and the animation and empowerment of teachers.

         The private lessons concern various courses such as:

  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Ancient Greek / Odyssey
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Physics
  • English

          At the end of each school year, teachers and students fill in a questionnaire about their experience, the relationship created, and the school progress of the children.  

         Helping a child may not change the world, but you can certainly change that child’s world. 

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We thank KARTERIA NGO for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

We thank the Tamer Foundation for the valuable financial support of the purposes of our Association, from its foundation until today.

We thank the Perianth Hotel for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

Many thanks to Tsimpos & Associates for the Preliminary Study and the Final Study for the issuance of the demolition permit and the construction permit for the New Building of Social Welfare & Creative Employment for Children and Adolescents of our Association. We also thank the partners: Spyros Tzivanakis - Civil Engineer, the company TEAS A.E. - Electromechanical Studies and Mr. Astara - Topographical Engineer.